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  • 3d Scanner

    Portable 3D laser scanning of mechanical items (allows to get a digital model of physical item)

    • Manufacturer: Creaform
    • Organisational Unit: Ventspils University College - Latvia, Ventspils
    • Price: Contract price
  • Broadband Dielectric Spectrometer

    Novocontrol dielectric spectrometer is capable for measuring dielectric properties of various materials in wide frequency and temperature range. Spectrometer is equipped with sample cell for samples with 20 to 40 mm diameter.

    • Manufacturer: Novocontrol
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Polymer Materials - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Chromatic dispersion (CD) analyzer

    Offers speed, accuracy and high performance for all your CD test needs in the CO and in the field. Combines with the FLS-5800A light source, which is designed for both PMD and chromatic dispersion (CD) testing.

    • Manufacturer: EXFO
    • Organisational Unit: Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Fluorescence Detector

    The Waters ACQUITY UPLC Fluorescence (FLR) detector is a multi-channel, multi-wavelength fluorescence detector designed for use in the ACQUITY UPLC system. Optimized for UltraPerformance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC), the FLR detector features an axia

    • Manufacturer: Waters
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of General Chemical Engineering - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Fully automated upright microscope system

    Leica DM6000 B research microscope equipped with motorized z-focus, motorized and coded 7x nosepiece, fully automated transmitted light axis, and fully automated 5x or 8x fluorescence axis, provides all transmitted light contrast methods differential

    • Manufacturer: Leica
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Heat, Gas and Water Technology - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Infrared ray spectrometer Alpha

    The ALPHA interferometer is based on Bruker Optics` patented RockSolid™ design, which is used in our laboratory and rugged process spectrometers. This means the ALPHA delivers the performance and reproducible results people have come to expect from a

    • Manufacturer: Bruker
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Energy Systems and Environment - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • INSTRON E10000 Linear-Torsion Instrument

    The ElectroPuls E10000 Linear-Torsion machine is a state-of-the-art, all-electric test instrument designed for dynamic and static testing on a wide range of materials and components.

    • Manufacturer: INSTRON
    • Technique: Mechanical tests
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Materials and Structures - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Integrated Raman spectrometer AFM system

    Integration of AFM and confocal microscopy/Raman scattering spectroscopy.

    • Manufacturer: Renisaw plc + NT-MDT Co.
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Technical Physics - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Microscope for Metallography and Industry

    optional microscope Leica DM RM, stationary color digital camera with a Leica microscope adapter and a PC interface for image input

    • Manufacturer: Leica
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Polymer Materials - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Novo-Gloss 60° Glossmeter

    Instrument which is used to measure specular reflection gloss of a surface. Gloss is determined by projecting a beam of light at a fixed intensity and angle onto a surface and measuring the amount of reflected light at an equal but opposite angle (me

    • Manufacturer: RHOPOINT
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Design Technologies - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
    European Union ERAF Ieguldījums tavā nākotnē


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