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Zwick/Roell Z600

Material testing machine for quasi static strength and deformation (tension, compression, bending)determination of specimens. Max load 600 kN.

Zwick/Roell Z600
Zwick/Roell Z600
Zwick/Roell Z600

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Tensile/compression testing facility with max. load 600 kN in both directions.

Test area width - 740 mm Test stroke with wedge grips - 530 mm Test stroke without test piece holders - 1500 mm

Electromechanical drive Crosshead speed - 0.01 .. 200 mm/min Maximum test frequency 0.5 Hz Accuracy of the set speed 2,5 % of Vnom Drive system's travel resolution 0.0254 mikro m Positioning, repetition accuracy +/- 8 mikro m (w.o. reversal of direction)

Measurement data transmission rate to PC 10 to 500 Hz.

Additional grips for various specimen types/sizes Makroextensometer.

Number of drive columns 2 Stiffness of load frame crosshead deflection and elongation of columns [kN/mm] 550 including load cell, hydraulic grips and drive [kN/mm] 260

Enviromental conditions: Operating temperature [°C] +10 ... +35 Storage temperature [°C] -25 ... +55 Humidity range (not condensing) [%] ≤ 90 Electrical connection Mains voltage 3 Ph/N/PE 1 2 [V] 400 Mains frequency [Hz] 50 Drive power [kVA] 8.5 Fuse [A] 25 Noise level in 1m distance [dB(A)] 67 Color coating of rack RAL7011 (iron gray), RAL7038 (agate gray)



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