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  • Laboratory pH meter ADRONA

    Measurement of solution pH with temperature compensation. Standard, DIN or user selected buffer solutions can be used for the calibration. Measurement of potential (mV).

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  • Multi-purpose water purification system

    The Adrona Crystal E system is an economic model of a multi-purpose water purification system. In spite of extremely affordable price, the Crystal E system is able to produce both Grade I and Grade II water. The system is based on reverse osmosis an

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  • pH meter/jonometer

    A pH meter is an electronic device used for measuring the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of a liquid.

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  • Water deionizer

    Water deionizer ''CRYSTAL'' is provided to make deionized laboratory water

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  • Water purification, ADRONA, Crystal EX

    System produce pure water comply with the requirements of labware washing, electrochemistry, wet chemistry, inorganic methods of analysis. Designed for laboratories and applications with high water consumptions.

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