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  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

    Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) is used for determining the concentration of a particular element (the analyte) in a sample to be analyzed. AAS can be used to determine over 70 different elements in solution. AAS has many uses in different area

    • Organisational Unit: Laboratory of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases - Latvia, Riga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Inductively coupled plasma mass-spectrometer (ICP-MS)

    Equipment for quantitative determination of chemical elements

    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment “BIOR” - Latvia, Riga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Signal Generator

    The Agilent E4400B Radio Frequency Signal Generator offers excellent performance with superior quality, reliability and worldwide support. It provides excellent frequency and level control, and wide analog modulation capabilities. It is ideally suite

    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Radio Electronics - Latvia, Riga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Signal Generator, Agilent Technologies

    The N9310A generates common RF signals from 9kHz up to 3 GHz. With the built-in analog modulation capabilities, it can generate modulated AM, FM, QM and pulse signal easily. Adding optional analog Iq input capability; it can generate complex IQ modul

    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Chemical Physics - Latvia, Riga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System

    The Agilent 6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System is equipped to provide ultra-sensitive performance for analytes in the most complex matrices.

    • Organisational Unit: Faculty of Medicine - Latvia, Riga
    • Price: Contract price
  • UPLC–DAD-ESI-TOF-Mass spectometer

    Equipment provides accurate mass analyses for a variety of analytical applications including profiling, identification, characterization, and quantification of both small and large molecules, based on their molecular weight. Equipment has advantages

    • Organisational Unit: Department of Organic Chemistry - Latvia, Riga
    • Price: Contract price


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