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Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration Controller

Karl Fischer titration is a classic titration method in analytical chemistry that uses coulometric titration to determine trace amounts of water in a sample.

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration Controller

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  • Perfect for determining water content in petroleum products, pesticides, detergents, foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, solvents and more.
  • Easy method programming and simple operation.
  • Up to ten customized procedures can be stored and easily recalled.
  • Perform up to four titrations simultaneously, thanks to separate interconnectable 275KF titration modules.
  • Time/date stamp on printouts to meet GLP requirements.
  • Calculate statistical data for up to five results.
  • Simple to interface with computer or printer. Automatically prints titration reports.
  • The system automatically compensates for the drift rate of ambient moisture entering the cell.
  • Automatically gives message when reagents have been depleted. Press a single key for reagent condition.


Titration Mode

  • Range 10µg to 20mg H2O
  • Accuracy ±2µg or ±0.5%
  • Resolution 0.1µg
  • Rate 3500µg H2O /min. (maximum)
  • Endpoint Control 0 to 99 sec. persistence time and 0 to 9.9 µg/sec. slope (programmable)
  • Capacity 1000mg H2O (for single charge reagents)

Meter/Controller Controller:

  • Conductivity Range 0 to 3 x 105, ±0.5% µS/cm
  • Salinity Ranges 0 to 70ppt NaCI equiv. salinity ±0.5%, 0 to 42 ppt; Practical Salinity; ±0.5%
  • Resistivity 30 to 100 megohm•cm; ±0.5%
  • pH -2.000 to 20.000; ±0.002 —
  • Ion 1.00 x 10-9 to 9.99 x 109; ±0.17n%
  • mV ±1800.0; ±0.1
  • Temperature -5.0° to +105.0°C; ±0.3°C
  • Inputs RS-232-C to computer; RS-232-C to two BNC/pin (for pH/ISE/mV); computer two ATC; conductivity/ATC
  • I/O RS-232-C to computer or printer; RS-232-C to serial network to titrator modules computer or printer; serial net work to titrator modules
  • Outputs Two mV channels buffered electrode outputs to analog recorder


Determination of water content in samples of different type (polyols, oils, petrol, solvents). Device can by used to measure pH, mV (ORP), ion (ISE), conductivity, resistivity, salinity, TDS.

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