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  • Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810R

    Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810R with its renowned quality and reliability offers you the most cost efficient solution for your medium to high-throughput applications-now and in the future. It combines extraordinary versatility and capacity for both tubes

    • Manufacturer: Eppendorf
    • Price: Contract price
  • IR Spectrometer PERKIN ELMER

    Spectrum Two™ is the IR spectrometer and perform fast, accurate IR analysis and assure the quality of your materials across a wide range of applications

    • Manufacturer: PerkinElmer
    • Price: Contract price
  • Ultra-Low temperature freezer ULTF 420 (-40/-86C)

    The ULTF 420 shows that high performance freezing with focus on low energy consumption is the future.

    • Manufacturer: Arctiko
    • Price: Contract price
  • "Nanofinder S" confocal microscope with spectrometer

    Research equipment for analysis of morphology, mechanical properties, content and structure of materials.

    • Manufacturer: Nanofinder S
    • Price: Contract price
  • 3D nanomanipulation device, Attocube

    3D nanomanipulation device for (but not only) nanomanipulation in-situ SEM Hitachi S-4800 (on site)

    • Manufacturer: Attocube
    • Price: Contract price
  • 3D Scanner Ultra HD, NextEngine Inc.

    High performance 3D Scanner with Scanning and Modeling Software

    • Manufacturer: NextEngine Inc.
    • Price: Contract price
  • Acoustic emission system

    The instrument is intended for monitoring failure processes in different materials, detecting location and assessment of flaws in structures made from metals, concrete, composites, etc.

    • Manufacturer: Physical Acoustics Corporation Princeton Junction New jersey USA
    • Price: Contract price
  • Aerosol spectrometer GRIMM

    For a simultaneous measuring of PM 1, PM 2.5 and PM 10 and TSP in real-time.

    • Manufacturer: GRIMM Aerosol Technik GmbH & Co.KG
    • Price: Contract price
  • Agilent 1100 series liquid chromatograph

    The Agilent 1100 series system is designed to continuously enhance the productivity of laboratories by providing consistent results and optimum instrument performance. This Agilent 1100 modular series guarantees efficient mixing and pulse-free solven

    • Manufacturer: Agilent
    • Price: Contract price
  • Air Flow Meter Testo 435-4

    Air flow meter testo 435 can be used to provide the local measurements of the swirling cold airflow and flame flow velocity components

    • Manufacturer: Testo AG
    • Price: Contract price


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