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  • Anemometer

    This weather- and shock-resistant meter features LED display, sapphire-jewel turbine bearings and an infrared rotation sensor to reduce friction. Front-panel button switches from ft/min to m/s, mph, or knots

    • Manufacturer: Cole-Parmer
    • Organisational Unit: Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Mobile River Discharge Measurement System

    OTT Qliner 2 – Doppler technology for mobile discharge measurement in rivers and channels. The measurement is carried out using the classic verticals process. At the required vertical positions, the Qliner 2 measures both the vertical velocity distr

    • Manufacturer: OTT
    • Organisational Unit: Rezekne Higher Education Institution - Latvia, Rēzekne
    • Price: Contract price
  • Portable ultrasound flow meter

    This portable liquid flowmeter measures flow from outside plastic, metal or concrete-lined pipes nonintrusively. Applicable for ultrapure to extremely dirty liquids such as raw sewage and slurries.

    • Manufacturer: GE Sensing
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Energy Systems and Environment - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Tritium flow gas detection monitor

    Detection of tritium and radioactive noble gas content in the gaseous phase of carrying gas

    • Manufacturer: Berhold Technologies
    • Organisational Unit: Department of Physical Chemistry - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price


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