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Automated cell culture and analysis system CELL IQ v2 SLF System

Fully integrated, automated cell culture and analysis system for short and long term studies

Automated cell culture and analysis system CELL IQ v2 SLF System

Contacts and Location

Contact 1 Mārtiņš Borodušķis
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Organisational Unit University of Latvia
    Faculty of Biology
        Chair of Microbiology and Biotechnology - Latvia, Rīga
Building Rīga, Jelgavas 1


Fully integrated, automated cell culture and analysis system for short and long term studies


Sample Handling: • Plate holder compatible with slides, dishes, flasks and microplates • Two positions available for simultaneous monitoring • Compatible with 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96-well microplates Imaging: • LED light source for long life-time, fast modulation and optimal wavelength • CCD camera • Automatic imaging with easy and flexible selection of ROIs • Automatic focusing maintaining good focus throughout experiment • All-in-focus imaging Z-stack images translated to give single result image with superior focus for entire field of view • 10x objective, 0.7-0.9 μm resolution (x4, x20 and x40 are available) • Automatic vibration compensation via digital image processing Environmental Control: • Temperature, user selectable range of 20-40 C ±0.5 C • CO2, supplied via pre-mixed bottle or external mixer • Each plate position has independent gas feed enabling comparative studies to be performed • Humidity, controlled within the plate via use of patented plate lid or external bottle • Environmental data captured and reported for duration of experiment Dimensions: • W x H x D: 70 cm x 113 cm x 88 cm • Weight: 85 Kg Operating Conditions: • Relative humidity 5-50%, non-condensing • Temperatures of 18oC to 30oC (64oF to 86oF) Power Input Requirements: • Cell-IQ 100-240 V AC / 4 Amps • LCD Monitor 100-240 V AC / 0.5 Amps


• Continuous cell monitoring via the Imagen™ program • Analyser™ software automates the process of quantitation measuring multiple cellular parameters from phase contrast and fluorescence images. • The unique ability to quantify cells/cell phases directly from the phase images based their morphology alone • Cells or cellular structures are characterised and quantified by kinetically tracking changes in their morphology • Studying a diverse range of applications in areas from drug discovery, routine and clinical assays, regenerative and translational medicine through to stem cell research • Optimised incubator capable of short and long term cell studies, one image to a six week study Patented Cell-Secure lid delivering gas directly to microplate • Independent gas feeds to two plate positions enabling comparative studies to be performed e.g. hypoxia • LED illumination for both phase and fluorescence imaging reducing external cell effects such as photo-toxicity and photobleaching • 2D and 3D imaging and dynamic z-stack maximises the range of samples and culture conditions that can be monitored • Automated analysis of multiple cellular parameters from label free phase contrast images and multi-label florescence images

Funding Source

National Research Centers (VNPC) -
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