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The following equipment and facilities are listed under this category.

  • Sweating Guarded Hotplate M259B

    The Sweating Guarded Hotplate simulates the heat and mass transfer processes which occur next to human skin.

    • Manufacturer: SDL Atlas Ltd.
    • Organisational Unit: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • Test & Data Management Software

    TDMS software organizes test data and results for the majority of electrical apparatus tested with ISA test sets and related software.

    • Manufacturer: ISA
    • Organisational Unit: Institute of Power Engineering - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
    European Union ERAF Ieguldījums tavā nākotnē

    The world’s most advanced thermal manikin. ANDI has the unrivaled ability to support advanced thermal protection and comfort research, including measurement of heat loss and heat gain, while adeptly responding to changing environmental conditions.

    • Manufacturer: Thermetrics
    • Organisational Unit: Scientific Laboratory of Ergonomic Electrical Technologies - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • UCS500-M4 Burst/Surge generator

    UCS500-M4 is the most intelligent solution offering exactly what need for full-compliant immunity tests against transient and power fail phenomena.

    • Manufacturer: EM TEST
    • Organisational Unit: Latvian Electronic Equipment Testing Centre (LEITC) - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price

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