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Ash melting furnace

The furnace is designed to heat ash samples up to a maximum temperature of 1600°C in a controlled atmosphere and visually record the fusion of the samples for analysis. It is designed for biomass and combined (biomass/mineral) fuels.

Ash melting furnace

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Measurable parameters: temperature of ash shrinkage, sintering and melting.


  • Furnace cabinet dimensions (mm)(h x w x case depth x overall depth): 700 x 505 x 765 x 970
  • Work tube dimensions (mm) (internal id): 79
  • Tube material: Mullite
  • Maximum no of samples: 12
  • Maximum temperature °C (°F): 1600 (2912 )
  • Maximum recommended heat up rate °C/minute (°F/minute): 8 (15)
  • Heating elements: Silicon carbide
  • Temperature control: Digital PID with multi offset parameters
  • Temperature sensor: Pt & Pt/13%Rh thermocouple
  • Overtemperature protection: Digital with single high alarm relay
  • Power switching: Solid state relays
  • Power supply: 380/415V, 50/60Hz, two phase, 25A/phase or 220 & 240V, 50/60Hz, single phase, 50A
  • Maximum power consumption (kW): 7


  • Reducing gas: 60% (V/V) CO + 40% (V/V) CO2 or 50% (V/V) H2 + 50% (V/V) CO2
  • Oxidising gas: CO2 or Air
  • Purge gas: N2 (for use with CO/CO2) or CO2 (for use with H2)


detection of temperature of ash shrinkage, sintering and melting


free for rental

Funding Source

National Research Centers (VNPC) -
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