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Opal-RT OP4510 Real-time HIL simulator

The OP4510 is a compact entry-level real-time Hardware-In-the-Loop simulator that combines OPAL-RT’s core strengths: RT-LAB high-performance Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware-In-the-Loop systems.

Opal-RT OP4510 Real-time HIL simulator

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The OP4510 integrates OPAL-RT RT-LAB and eFPGAsim real-time platform with the highest performance processors from Intel and FPGA chips as well as with industry standard Simulink and LabVIEW software. This multi-rate FPGAbased architecture enables user to reach time steps below 7 μs for subsystems running on INTEL CPU and less than 250 nanoseconds on the FPGA chip to accurately simulate power converter for HIL applications. An advanced PWM converter controller can then be implemented to control real hardware for Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) applications with timing resolution better than 20 nanoseconds. The OP4510 can also be delivered as a stand alone power electronic controller test system with pre-defined power electronic models


FPGA Kintex-7 FPGA, 325T, 326,000 logic cells, 840 DSP slice (Multiplier- adder) Computer Intel Xeon E3 v5 CPU (4 core, 8MB cache, 3.5GHz), 16G B RAM, 128 GB SSD SFP&SFP+ 1 to 5 Gbits/s optical cable pairs (Rx/Tx) 32 digital inputs and outputs 16 analog inputs and outputs RT-LAB software with eHS eFPGAsim Supports Matlab Simulink models


accurately simulate power converter for HIL applications

Funding Source

EU Structual Funds (ERAF, ESF) -
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