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Spray Pyrolysis Equipment

Holmarc’s Spray Pyrolysis system has been designed for research laboratories in thin films, especially for solar cell development.

Spray Pyrolysis Equipment

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Holmarc’s Spray Pyrolysis system design for for automatization of the process of spray pyrolysis by using a stepper motor controlled mechanism to move the spray head in XY plane. A stepper motor controlled dispanser is engaged to achieve precise flow rate. The equipment is loaded with PC temperatue control substrate heater, a compressor with pressure regulator, a three axis stepper motor controller and simple easy to use software that enables the user to document the coating parameters for later use.


  Dispensing unit capacity 50 ml; 250 ml   Dispensing rate 1-10 ml/min sprayer Drive speed X axis 10-800 mm/s Drive speed Y axis 1-12 mm/s Sprayer traverse Subsrate base plate Dimensio150x150 mm Max temperature 500 0C Power input 230 V 50 Mhz PC connectivity Serial port


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Holmarka pirolītiskās īzsmidzināšanas sistēma automatizē pirolītiskās izsmidzināšanas procesu, kontrolēti pārvietojot smidzināšanas sistēmu XY plaknē un iegūstot precīzu plūsmas ātrumu. Iekārta aprīkota ar automātisku substrāta temperatūras kontroles sistēmu un spiediena regulatoru. Iekārtu izmanto plāno kārtīņu iegūšanai saules baterijām, fotokatalizatoriemcietiem, dekoratīviem un korozijizturīgiem pārklājumiem.

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EU Structual Funds (ERAF, ESF) -
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