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Horizontal table autoclave CertoClav Vac Pro 22 autoclave

Sterilization of liquids and any kind of solid bodies. With flexible media temperature sensor and vacuum pump. Customizeable programs up to 134°C. Touch screen, WiFi, LAN, USB. Also suitable for material tests with automatic repeated cycles.

Horizontal table autoclave CertoClav Vac Pro 22 autoclave

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Stand-alone- Optional external fixed water connection via R/O system Sterilization of solid materials, rubber, hollow instruments, textiles and liquids Media temperature sensor for liquids Sterilisation from 20 minutes including drying Thomas vacuum pump and steam generator 7 Touchscreen, WiFi, LAN, CF-card, USB, Printer port, Step-by-step video assistant Integrated fresh and waste water tank Electrical safety closure mechanism Bacteria filter Air cooling system 9 Programs, user programmable 134 °C maximum sterilisation temperature Input power: 220-240 Vac, 50 Hz, 2400 W Certificate: CE


Design: horizontal Width (autoclave): 560 mm610 mm Pressure max. (autoclave): 2.3 bar Height (autoclave): 360 mm430 mm Diameter of vessel: 170 mm200 mm250 mm Height or depth of vessel: 320 mm350 mm360 mm450 mm Power (autoclave): 2.4 kW Vessel material: Stainless steel 304 Temperature max. (autoclave): 134°C Depth (autoclave): 440 mm500 mm Volume (autoclave): 8 l12 l18 l22 l


Sterilization of liquids and solid bodies

Contract title

Horizontalais galds autoklavs CertoClav Vac Pro 22 autoklāvs

Contract short description

Šķidrumu un jebkura veida cieto ķermeņu sterilizācija. Ar elastīgu vides temperatūras sensoru un vakuuma sūkni. Pielāgojamas programmas līdz 134°C. Skārienekrāns, WiFi, LAN, USB. Piemērots arī materiālu testiem ar automātiskiem atkārtotiem cikliem.

Contract full description

Dizains: horizontāls Platums (autoklāvs): 560 mm610 mm (autoklāvs): 2.3 bar Augstums (autoklāvs): 360 mm430 mm Kuģa diametrs: 170 mm200 mm250 mm Kuģa augstums vai dziļums: 320 mm350 mm360 mm450 mm Jauda (autoklāvs): 2,4 kW Kuģa materiāls: nerūsējošais tērauds 304 (autoklāvs): 134°C Dziļums (autoklāvs): 440 mm500 mm Tilpums (autoklāvs): 8 l12 l18 l22 l

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EU Structual Funds (ERAF, ESF) -
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