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Solid form screening and selection

Solid form (polymorph, solvate, salt, and co-crystal) screening is vital for successful development of a drug formulation. Each solid form has characteristic properties; and performing a screening allows selection of the most prospective solid forms with best properties. Moreover, regulatory agencies require that a company demonstrates reasonable efforts to identify the polymorphs of a drug substance and eliminates the possibility of polymorph conversions.

Contacts and Location

Contact 1 Agris Berzins
Contact 2 Liana Orola
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Organisational Unit University of Latvia
    Faculty of Chemistry
        Department of Physical Chemistry - Latvia, Rīga


The standard screening experiments include cooling crystallisation from saturated solutions, evaporation crystallisation from various solvents and their mixtures, slurry experiments, precipitation by adding antisolvent and mechanical treatment (grinding). The products are analysed using PXRD and TA. Detailed characterisation of selected crystalline forms is performed on request and comprises analysis by PXRD, Thermal methods, FT-IR, KF, Chromatography, etc. and testing of physical and chemical stability. Data are provided in a format suitable for patent preparation.

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