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Scanning electron microscopy/energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (SEM/EDS); characterization for a single sample

Characterization of sample surface morphology, chemical analysis of the sample

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SEM/EDS, characterization of sample surface morphology and chemical analysis of the sample. Maximum resolution of scanning electron microscope at acceleration voltage of 30 kV is 2 nm. Sample preparation, sample characterization and reporting is possible. The price may vary depending on the samples quantity.

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7-10 darba dienas

Contract title

Skenējošā elektronu mikroskopija/enerģijas dispersijas X-staru spektroskopija (SEM/EDS); viena parauga raksturošana

Contract short description

Parauga virsmas morfoloģijas raksturošana, ķīmiskā sastāva noteikšana

Contract full description

Iekārta aprīkota ar ātrdarbīgu enerģijas dispersijas rentgenstaru spektroskopu, kas īsā laikā spēj savākt no parauga nākošo rentgenstarojumu, sniedzot informāciju par tā ķīmisko sastāvu.

The apparatus is equipped with a high-speed energy dispersion X-ray spectroscope which is capable of collecting X-rays from the sample in a short time, giving information about its chemical composition.

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