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Atomic Absorption Spectrometer AANALYST 200

The AAnalyst™ 200 spectrometer delivers a new level of flexibility and simplicity to flame atomic absorption (AA). Its large, color LCD touch screen puts AA analysis at your fingertips, literally.

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer AANALYST 200
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer AANALYST 200

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The AAnalyst™ 200 spectrometer delivers a new level of flexibility and simplicity to flame atomic absorption (AA). Its large, color LCD touch screen puts AA analysis at your fingertips, literally.


Control and Data System

  • User Interface: Complete control of the AAnalyst™ 200 through an innovative touch-screen interface. Flexible software for lamp setup, flame control, parameter selection and sample analysis. The tools menu provides access to recommended conditions, sample information, method storage and recall, data transfer and service diagnostics screens.
  • Display: Full-color 10.4” LCD touch screen. VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels). Coated for maximum durability and lifetime.
  • Data Handling: The parameters page is used for setting up the analysis. Users can select up to eight calibration standards or a reslope standard and choose from seven different calibration algorithms. Integration times are operator-selectable from 0.1 to 60 sec. Print choices include method, replicates and calibration curve. Signal measurement modes include time-averaged integration, manual continuous graphics and peak-height measurement. An optional footswitch to trigger a read is also available.
  • Sample Analysis: The sample-analysis page is used for manual or automated analysis. All results are displayed on the screen. Separate buttons for blank, standards and samples allow for easy analysis. Sample ID and dilution factor are available on this page as entered in the tools/sample information menus. The calibration curve can be displayed and printed with correlation coefficient, slope and intercept. Peaks can be displayed and printed when using the MHS-15 accessory.
  • Accessories: Automated analysis can be performed with a PerkinElmer® autosampler and the sample information tool. The MHS-15 can be used for the determination of hydride-forming elements and mercury.


  • System: True double-beam echelle optical system. Front surfaced, reflecting optics with protective coating. Deuterium background corrector and built-in EDL power supply available on some models.
  • Optical System: Echelle monochromator. Focal length: 300 mm. Grating: 36 x 185 mm area, 79 lines/mm, blaze angle 76˚. Fused-quartz prism: 95 x 40 mm, 60˚. Wavelength range: 189-900 nm. Spectral bandpass: 0.15 nm at 200 nm. Reciprocal linear dispersion: 2.4 nm/mm. The photometer optics are covered to protect against dust and corrosive vapors. For maximum protection, the optical system can be purged with an inert gas.
  • Detector: High-efficiency, segmented solid-state detector.
  • Light Sources: Hollow cathode lamps (HCLs) and electrodeless discharge lamps (EDLs). EDLs provide much higher light output and longer lifetime when compared to conventional HCLs. Lamp elements, recommended operating currents and slit selection are automatically recognized and set when using PerkinElmer Lumina™ series AA lamps. Lamp alignment is completely automatic in models with a four-lamp turret.


  • Processor: Internal 300 MHz GX1 with 64 Mbytes of DRAM and 128 Mbytes of flash program memory on a PC104 interface-style printed circuit board. Includes real-time clock.
  • Graphics: 32-bit controller on PC104 board.
  • Ports: RS232 C, 9-pin, parallel printer and 10BaseT Ethernet on some models.
  • E-box: All electronics are located in a single user-replaceable module. The operator can just slide the module out from the front of the instrument and replace it with a new one. Instrument operators can replace most parts quickly and easily without a service visit.


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