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Inverted microscope Nikon Ti-E

Ti series microscope for various aims of use

Inverted microscope Nikon Ti-E

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Ti series microscopes offer large possibilities for assembling of the system by taking into account various aims of their use. It is planned to use this microscope for extending the existing directions of activity: in the areas of animal pathologies, virology, parasitology and microbiology (extension of studies on species of microorganisms and parasitical agents, the development of the studies on complicated mechanisms of interaction between the organisms studied and the environment, increase of the level of various morphometric measurements). Consequently, in addition to classic methods, it is possible to implement modern morphometric methods that can be visually depicted when performing checks and scientific assessment of the efficacy of medicines, vaccines and food supplement on specific tissues as well as on animal organism in general.


animal pathologies, virology, parasitology and microbiology

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