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Polarization microscope, Leica

The Leica DM4500 P is a high-end polarization microscope with intelligent light and contrast management. It operates with a mechanical Z-drive and mechanical stage. As an option, the microscope can also be retrofit with a motorized fine focus drive o

Polarization microscope, Leica

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The LAS Extended Annotation, an optional module integrated with Leica Microsystems’ automated microscopes, digital cameras and software, allows graphic elements and text to be added to images. Important features of the image can be highlighted using various fonts, colors and shapes.


  • Objective turret: 6x (M25), centerable, absolute encoded
  • Objectives: HI Plan POL; N Plan POL; PL Fluotar POL; Immersion objectives
  • Usable field of view: 25 mm
  • Contrast method: Motorized
  • Color reproduction: CCIC (Constant Color Intensity Control)
  • Conoscopy: Fully integrated conoscopy beam path, user guidance with display feedback
  • Incident light axis: Motorized, integrated illumination manager, round and rectangular field diaphragms for ocular or camera observation
  • Condensers: Motorized changeover of condenser head, 7x condenser disc, polarizer
  • Focus drive: manual, 2-gear gearbox


Rock thin section and pollen analyses.

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