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X-ray Powder Diffractometer BRUKER

Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis

X-ray Powder Diffractometer BRUKER

Contacts and Location

Contact 1 Anita Kalniņa
Contact 2 Agris Bērziņš
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Organisational Unit University of Latvia
    Faculty of Chemistry
        Department of Physical Chemistry - Latvia, Rīga


Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis


D8 Focus diffractometer system Technical data:

  • geometry – Vertical Theta/2 Theta
  • measuring circle diameter – 435 mm
  • smallest step size (Theta/2 Theta) – 0.0001o
  • reproducibility (theta/2 Theta) - +- 0.0001o
  • maximum slew speed – 1500o/min
  • angular position – stepper motors with optical encoders
  • central opening of Theta ring – Ø 10 cm
  • angular range (Theta) – unlimited
  • angular range (2 Theta) - –110o to 168o

Theta/2 Theta base goniometer X-ray Generator Kristalloflex K785 Technical data:

  • maximum continuous power – 2,4 kW
  • high voltage – 20-60 kV, adjustable in steps of 1 kV
  • current – 5-60 mA, adjustable in steps of 1 mA
  • power required – 5.5. kVA (25 A max.)
  • stability - ≤ 0.005% for high voltage and current The generator needs to be connected to an external water supply for cooling purposes (inlet pressure of the water – 3-6 bar; temperature – 2-20oC).

Ni Filter for Cu-Kβ Radiation. Ceramic X-ray Diffraction Tube type KFL CU 2K


• Recording PXRD pattern of solid samples, • Qualitative phase analysis using ICDD database PDF-2, standard materials, or XRPD patterns from literature, • Semi-quantitative phase analysis using ICDD database PDF-2, • Quantitative phase analysis using standard materials, • Determination of the degree of crystallinity, content of amorphous phase.

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