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Xenon Test Chamber

Equipment is designed for testing materials by reproducing the damage causedf by weathwering. The effects of sunlight is simulated with flourescent ultraviolet lamps, and dew and rain is simulated by using condensing humidity.

Xenon Test Chamber

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Accelerated weathering xenon arc test chamber reproduce weathering damage by sunlight, temperature, humidity and water spray. Weatherometer xenon weathering test chambers are utilized in textiles, dyes, leather, plastics, paints, coatings, automotive interior parts, electrotechnics, color building materials. To perform weathering test, color fastness tests, aging test, hardening test, softening test, crack. Precise measure and control of parameters including irradiance, XL Series xenon weathering test chamber can place 42 pieces of specimens, are upgrade to programmable controller and Ethernet access. Their reliable relative humidity, chamber temperature and black panel temperature and water spray.


Internal dimensions  D*W*H 950*950*850 mm; Overall dimensions D*W*H 1300*1420*1800 mm; Specimen holder size 95x200 mm; irradiation source 1 piece of 4500 W water-cooled Xenon Lamp with inner quartz and outer borosilicate filter; Irradiance range35 150 W/㎡ (100 1200 W/㎡ @280 -800nm); Bandwidth Measurement 300-420 nm


Weathering damage test by sunlight, temperature, humidity and water spray.

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Xenon klimata kontroles kamera

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Klimata kamera paredzēta materiālu noturības pārbaudēmdažādos klimatiskos apstākļos ultravioletā starojuma, mitruma un temperatūras ietekmē

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EU Structual Funds (ERAF, ESF) -
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