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We are recruiting specialists for custom projects

We are searching for the best specialists and technical resources to solve problems. In this area the notifications of recruiting opportunities will be visible.

Vacancies (3)

Sport water boat

Create a system that provides all the necessary sportwater boat operation with 100% electricity.

  • Battery solution (research / prototype)
  • Electric motor solution (research / prototype)
  • Charging (prototype)
  • Power and Efficiency (research / tests)
  • Security (research / tests).

Contact for details.

Three-dimensional milling

To develop specialized three-dimensional milling for orthopedic needs, including it's technological and computerized support. Processed material - foam rubber.

Contact for details.

Water flow meter

To develop the water flow meter for oil manufacturing industry. The designed meter need to measure the water flow fed into the ground after the oil is pumped out.

Contact Rafaels.Joffe@rtu.v for details.

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