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High Performance FLASH Chromatography

The Biotage SP1 is a state-of-the-art Flash Chromatography system used to purify compounds in an accelerated manner. This easy to use Chromatograph includes features such as waste and solvent monitoring along with a built-in fraction collector.

 High Performance FLASH Chromatography

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The Biotage SP1 Flash Chromatography Purification System is a compact liquid chromatography system with a built-in PC and touch screen LCD monitor. The SP1 can fit into any standard size fume hood or bench top for space-saving. The SP1 runs a wide range of cartridge sizes on a single instrument while also monitoring and calculating the required solvent amount, the solvent volume used, and notifies when to replenish reservoirs. The accumulated waste is also measured, eliminating potential overflows.


  • UV-Vis detector for monitoring of product to be purified
  • Built-in PC with touch screen LCD monitor
  • Runs with a wide range of cartridge sizes
  • Monitors and calculates the required solvent amount for the application.
  • Precise fraction arm positioning that will not dispense fractions if misaligned.


  • Solvent delivery: 3 mL/stroke
  • Solvent inlets: 4 inlets, binary gradient
  • Flow rate: 1 - 100ml/min
  • Pressure limit: 100 psi (7 bar)
  • Variable dual wavelength: 200 - 320 nm
  • Collection vessels: Test tubes: 13mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm and 25mm. Bottles: 120ml and 240ml


Column chromatography in chemistry is a method used to purify individual chemical compounds from mixtures of compounds. It is often used for preparative applications on scales from micrograms up to kilograms.

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