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Press Brake

The following equipment and facilities are listed under this category.

  • Bench Top Laboratory Manual Press

    Twenty-five ton (222,5kN), manual, four-column, hydraulic laboratory press with digital heated platens and safety shields

    • Manufacturer: Carver Inc. USA
    • Organisational Unit: University of Latvia - Latvia, Rīga
    • Price: Contract price
  • DURMA AD-R 25100 CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

    Value-oriented press brakes with large strokes, daylights, and gaps to allow cost-effective production of simple to complex large shapes that require large dimensions for handling and removal. A simple-to-use control reduces the required operator l

    • Manufacturer: DURMA
    • Organisational Unit: UPB Holding
    • Price: Contract price
  • DURMA Press Brakes AD-S

    Unlimited possibilities and features providing faster and quicker setups and part production. Large daylight opening and working areas. Outboard mounted long ram guides provide stabiity while allowing full length between the frame acute angle bend

    • Manufacturer: DURMA
    • Organisational Unit: UPB Holding
    • Price: Contract price
  • Manual Hydraulic Press

    Manual Hydraulic Press is available in 15 and 25 ton load configurations, and is intended for a wide range of laboratory press applications.

    • Manufacturer: Specac
    • Organisational Unit: Rezekne Higher Education Institution - Latvia, Rēzekne
    • Price: Contract price

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