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Organisational Unit Tallinn University of Technology - Estonia, Tallinn


Multipurpose research vessel which carries out a wide variety of survey operations in the Baltic Sea region, including oceanographic surveys, buoy handling operations, environmental sampling, and geological surveying. The vessel is newly renovated and has modern facilities for work (two laboratories and seminar room) and accommodation (including air conditioning, sauna etc). The laboratory is equipped with fume hood, destillator (reverse osmosis), deep freezers etc. Internet access is available in the areas of GSM coverage.


Technical details GRT – 223 t Length – 31 m Draught – 2.5 m Working area – the entire Baltic Sea Crew – 6 members Scientists – up to 12

Two laboratories (wet laboratory and biological/chemical laboratory) + mess/seminar room

Technical equipment: crane max load 3 t, cable winch, winches, A-frame

Scientific equipment: rosette sampler, CTD probes, optical probes, equipment for sample handling and analyses, profiler and ADCP-s to be deployed at buoy stations etc.


Idronaut OCEAN SEVEN 320Plus WOCE-CTD Multiparameter Probe including Idronaut Dissolved Oxygen Sensor; Seapoint Chlorophyll Fluorometer; General Oceanics Coastal CTD/Mini-Rosette (Model 1018) with 12 bottles of 1.7 litre; Towable CTD (Neil Brown Mark III) with Chl a and phycocyanin fluorometers (TriOS); Sea-Bird SBE 19plus CTD probe equipped with SBE 43 oxygen sensor, WETLabs WETStar fluorometer and WETLabs ECO NTU turbidity sensor; Onboard computers with software for the control and data retrieval from CTD probes, CTD/Rosette and towable CTD; On request it is possible to mount a ship-based Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler; Readiness to install a flow-through measurement system (water intake at 2 m depth); Two winches, crane (max load 3 tons), A-frame; Deployment of moorings and related work is supported.

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