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Masterwave BTR Benchtop Reactor from Anton Paar

Microwave reactors can significantly reduce synthesis time for both organic and inorganic compounds—from several hours to several minutes, include milder reaction conditions, higher chemical yield, and lower energy usage.

Masterwave BTR Benchtop Reactor from Anton Paar

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Masterwave reactor BTR is a multimode microwave reactor for scaling up chemical reactions under pressure. Two standard magnetrons (2455MHz) of 850 W deliner up to 1700 W microwave power for efficient heating of chemical misxtures in reaction vessel (1 L) made of PTFE-TFM with integrated agitator. The operation temperature is up to 250 0C and pressure is up to 30 bar. Masterwave is designed to perform synthesis of chemical compounds and nanoparticles of oxides under controlled conditions regarding to selected parameters.


1700 W installed microwave power • Bayonet-locked 1 L reaction container • Rising PT100 temperature sensor • Integrated mechanical stirrer with software-guided stirring regime • Reaction conditions up to 250 °C and 30 bar • Constantly circulating microwave-transparent cooling liquid • Optional remote control (VNC open source) • Industry-validated performance and productivity


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Mikroviļņu reaktors Masterwave BTR stipri samazina gan neorganisko, gan organisko savienojumu sintēzes ilgumu maigākos sintēzes apstākļos, ietaupot enerģiju. Divi standarta magnetroni (2455 MHz; 850-1700 W) karsē ķimikāliju maisījumu reaktora cilindrā (1L), temperatūra līdz 250 oC, spiediens - līdz 30 bar.

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EU Structual Funds (ERAF, ESF) -
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