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  • 3D Scanner Ultra HD, NextEngine Inc.

    High performance 3D Scanner with Scanning and Modeling Software

    • Manufacturer: NextEngine Inc.
    • Price: Contract price
  • Acoustic emission system

    The instrument is intended for monitoring failure processes in different materials, detecting location and assessment of flaws in structures made from metals, concrete, composites, etc.

    • Manufacturer: Physical Acoustics Corporation Princeton Junction New jersey USA
    • Price: Contract price
  • Ambient NOx Monitor HORIBA

    The APNA-370 continuously monitors atmospheric NO, NO2 and NOx concentrations using a cross-flow modulated semi decompression chemiluminescence method. The APNA-370 employs an independent, internal dry-method sampling device to achieve the highest le

    • Manufacturer: HORIBA
    • Price: Contract price
  • Ambient Ozone Monitor HORIBA

    The APOA-370 continuously monitors atmospheric ozone concentrations using a cross flow modulated ultraviolet absorption method. The APOA-370 employs an independent, internal dry-method sampling device to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity and

    • Manufacturer: HORIBA
    • Price: Contract price
  • Automatic colony counter Scan® 300

    Scan® 300 is an automatic colony counter. It counts colonies on a Petri dish in less than half a second and gives you quick, accurate, complete and traceable reading of the results. With its CMOS camera and powerful software, it connects to a PC via

    • Manufacturer: Interscience
    • Price: Contract price
  • Automatic diluter and plater Easy Spiral Pro

    easySpiral® Dilute enables serial dilutions up to 10-5 with increased accuracy. It is a very user-friendly tool: one button touch for the routine serial dilutions and automatic plating. It then enables automatic standardized plating of 30 to 1 trilli

    • Manufacturer: Interscience
    • Price: Contract price
  • Automatic pore size analyser (Porosimeter)

    Device consists of three automatic mercury intrusion porosimeters (two low pressure stations plus one high pressure station) achieving a maximum pressure of 33,000 psia for measurements in the range from over 950 micron to 0.0064 micron pore diameter

    • Manufacturer: Quantachrome Corp.
    • Price: Contract price
  • E-beam Lithography System

    This EBL equipment can be used to design and fabricate the nanostructures.

    • Manufacturer: RAITH HITACHI
    • Price: Contract price
  • EEG Signal Analizator: NeuroSky MindSet&MindRec

    Mobile EEG signal analyzation

    • Manufacturer: NeuroSky Inc.
    • Price: Contract price
  • Eijelkamp percussion drilling set with Cobra TT percussion hammer.

    Percussion drilling set and soil sampler.

    • Manufacturer: Cobra
    • Price: Contract price
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