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Equipment set for surface sorption research (BET) rent for 48 hours, research of four samples .

The Quadrasorb SI operates by measuring the quantity of gas (N2) adsorbed onto or desorbed from a solid surface at some equilibrium vapor pressure by the static volumetric method. Sample preparation, sample characterization and reporting is possible. The price may vary depending on the samples quantity.

Contacts and Location

Contact 1 Valentīna Stepanova
Contact 2 Agnese Pūra
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Ability to identify the specific surfaces area and porosity of the sample. Surface Area Range: > 0.01m2/g, Pore Size Range: 0.35 to >200 nm

Delivery time

3-5 days

Contract title

Iekārtu komplekta virsmas sorbcijas pētījumiem (BET) noma 48 st., 4 paraugu izpēte.

Contract short description

Iespēja identificēt parauga īpatnējās virsmas un porainība. Virsmas laukuma diapazons: > 0,01 m2 / g, poru izmēru diapazons: 0,35 līdz> 200 nm

Contract full description

Iespēja degāzrēt paraugus pie temperatūrā no 20 līdz 350 °C un vakuumā līdz 1x10¯³ torr

The ability to dehydrate the sample at temperatures from 20 to 350 °C and a vacuum of>1x10¯³ torr

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