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Fully automated upright microscope system

Leica DM6000 B research microscope equipped with motorized z-focus, motorized and coded 7x nosepiece, fully automated transmitted light axis, and fully automated 5x or 8x fluorescence axis, provides all transmitted light contrast methods differential

Fully automated upright microscope system

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Leica DM6000B equipped with digital colour camera Leica DFC450C and Image Pro Premier 9.0 image analysis software



  • Motorized stage and focus.
  • Leica SmartTouch display
  • 12 V 100 W halogen lamp illumination
  • Automated: brightness, field and aperture; contrast manager; consistant colour intensity control
  • Available contrast methods: BF, PH, DF, POL, automated DIC
  • Fluorescence: 100 W Hg lamp. Automated: fluorescence intensity manager, contrast manager, round and square illuminated field diaphragms for ocular and camera observation
  • Eyepieces: HC PLAN s 10x/25 Br. M
  • Objectives: 10x/0.30 (Free working distance: 11.0 mm), 40x/0.75 (Free working distance: 0.40 mm) and 100x immersion oil (HCX PL APO 1.40-0.70. CS 0.17/D 0.10)
  • Filter systems: 1.For UV excitation, Ex.: BP 340-380 nm, dichromatic mirror: 400, suppression filter: LP >425 nm. 2.For blue excitation, Ex. BP 480/40 nm, dichromatic mirror: 505, suppression filter: 527/30 nm. 3.For green excitation: Ex.: BP 545/40 nm, dichromatic mirror: 565, suppression filter: BP 610/75 nm.

Image acquisition:

  • Digital camera for microscopy with control software
  • Sensor: Interline transfer frame readout CCD – ICX282
  • Sensor size 8.7x6.5 mm, diagonal 11 mm (type 2/3’’)
  • Colour filter: RGB Bayer mosaic
  • Shutter control: 2 frames interlaced readout
  • Pixel size: 5 megapixel, 2560x1920, 3.4x3.4 µm
  • Colour depth: 36 bit
  • Dynamic range: > 900:1 dB
  • Exposure range: 1 msec – 600 sec
  • Gain control: 1x – 10x

Image analysis:

  • Single frame acquisition, Time lapse acquisition, Auto white balance, 3D *Viewer, Multi-dimensional file viewing, Align images, Annotate, Background subtract/correct, Colour Composite, Colour Convert, Extract & Merge, Fast *Fourier Transform (FFT), High Dynamic Range processing, Bitmap Analysis, Auto *Count Bright/Dark Objects, Smart Segmentation - segment uneven backgrounds and textured objects, Count / Size Sort, Count objects on multi-frame image, *Intensity Analysis, Measure - Manual Tag, distance, point-to-point, pitch, polygon, rectangle, circle, polyline, angle, Best fit line, circle and arc, *Measure Distance - Between Centres, Minimum, Maximum.


Microscopic examination and analyses of biological samples and material surfaces. Available tools for fluorescence analyses – total cell counting, assessment of bacterial viability, fluorescent in situ hybridization for identification of microorganisms in various samples and on surfaces. Image analyses on fluorescence intensity, sample density, biovolume etc.


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